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2x the Mono, the daddy/daughter combo:

2x the Mono is a “Daddy/Daughter” duo that mixes together strange instruments like ukuleles & omnichords. “Dad” is pushing 40, but still likes to sing songs about robots in a voice that is much too high for his age.  “Daughter” is 12 and plays analog synths that were obsolete long before she was born. The combo is a synth-folk sound that comes from a distant retro future.

Matt T Cell - 2x the Mono art of sound 2013

“2x the Mono” has been building a name for themselves in Hamilton Ontario’s thriving indie scene. Believing that beauty and justice go hand & hand, these art rockers are equally comfortable singing beautiful love songs or screaming anthems of protest. No instrument is off limits; Jaw Harp, Synthesizer, Vocorder, Ukulele, Omnichord, Mellodica, and the traditional Guitar, Bass and Drums merge through the use of multiple Loop Stations and video projections that have become the hallmark of this band’s experimental live show.

History: (not up to date yet)

In 2005 Randell Neudorf started 2x the Mono as a one man band that became known for innovative looping shows. The set up was an acoustic guitar, synthesizer, and a host of other electric & acoustic instruments all running through a single “loop station”, as well as a foot controlled mono tape recorder that incorporated ambient sound effects, retro commercials, and radio static into the mix.




In 2007, 2x the Mono released their debut album “Stereo EP”. Believing that the only way to create something new is to mix together seemingly disparaging sounds, Randell showed the eclectic style of 2x the Mono, mixing folk, country, rock, and ambient tracks onto one disk, taking the listener on a sonic journey of surprise.




As improvised synthesiser loops became a bigger part of 2x the Mono’s live sets, an instrumental electronic album entitled Sound Sketches was recorded in early 2008. This experimental album was released as a download card and was subsequently nominated for a Hamilton Music Award in the best electronic recording category.




In Late 2008 2x the Mono Released a holiday concept album entitled “Lo-Fi Christmas,” a Christmas CD for all 12 months of the year containing all new and original songs. The idea was to create a Christmas CD for people who don’t like Christmas music. This album saw the addition of drummer Adrian McFarlane, and fellow multi instrumentalist and brother, Regan Neudorf. With the new line up 2x the Mono began playing shows that took the original one man band concept to a new level. Instruments and melodies changed hands between the Neudorf Brothers at a staggering rate while the solid percussion lines supplied by Mr. McFarlane slipped between beats that ranged from jazz to disco.




In 2010 the band combined their rock, folk and electronic sounds to create their newest CD entitled “Art Rock & Science Fiction.” This album encompasses an even more eclectic sound then previous projects. Songs were not only written on guitar; but also vocorder, synthesizer, ukulele and even a vintage omnichord (an analog instrument that functions like an electronic auto harp); taking the band into new organic and synthetic territory from the get go. Lyrically songwriter Randell Neudorf also took on the role of story teller, spinning tales of robots and cowboys alongside childhood memories of watching Star Wars.

In 2011 2x the Mono was nominated for 2 Hamilton Music Awards. “Art Rock & Science Fiction” was nominated for “Best Indie/Alternative Rock Recording,” and Randell Neudorf was nominated for “Best Special Instrumentalist” for his omnichord and ukulele tracks on “Art Rock & Science Fiction.”




Through out this time 2x the Mono’s current live show has evolved into a multi media event that incorporates video projections featuring retro robots and archival documentary footage. Each video is tailored to the individual song with the visuals enhancing the overall eclectic nature of the band’s sound.