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T-Shirt of the Week: Bradley Hathaway

001 - 2x the Mono - T-Shirt of the Week - Bradley HathawayT-Shirts are a huge part of Rock & Roll. Band Logos, Clever Slogans, Cartoon Characters, and Retro Images all factor into the lives of musicians and music lovers. You want to see your Band’s T-shirt on your fans and you want to show off your own style and taste by wearing just the right shirt to the right show.

I own so many T-shirts that I can’t seem to fit them all into my 3 drawers when they’re all clean. Every one of these shirts has a memory attached to it. When I wear one of these shirts they remind me of the show it was purchased at, that band I listened to back in the day, or the friend that added another Tee to my wardrobe.

To celebrate this apparel phenomenon, The 2xtheMono.com Blog will be featuring the T-shirt of the Week each and every week (until our drawers and closets are empty).

Our first T-Shirt of the Week is a very cool Bradley Hathaway owl design. Bradley Hathaway is a poet turned folk singer who spends a lot a times singing about relationships and spirituality. I got this shirt in 2010 when 2x the Mono was playing at Cornerstone Festival. We were on one of the small generator stages promoting our brand new Art Rock & Science Fiction CD and Bradley Hathaway was on the main stage. His set was one of my favourites on that weekend and I bought this shirt and 3 CDs. Bradley was manning his merch booth himself and was trying to get me to buy his CD/Book of poetry, and I let him know I was out of money so he through the book in for free so that I could have the whole collection. When I got home I found out that the book was miss printed with a tone of missing pages. Can’t complain thought it was free, and the CD worked just fine. Indecently I love how big this design is and how well it uses the colour of the shirt as part of the design.