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T-Shirt of the Week: Ivor Wynne

2x the mono t-shirt of the week - Ivor wynne - Jennifer Kellner and Randell Neudorf #2007 - 2x the Mono - T-Shirt of the Week - Ivor Wynne by Jennifer Kellner & Randell Neudorf2x the Mono T-shirt of the week - Ivor Wynne - Jennifer Kellner and Randell Neudorf # 3











I am a proud Hamiltonian who lives near the stadium formally known as Ivor Wynne. I have had the chance to see a number Tiger Cats games there with my kids.

At my day job as the Pastor for The Commons (believe it or not, a number of musicians in the Hamilton Music Scene are also pastors), I spend a lot of time thinking & talking about neighbourhood and community. When I heard about the new stadium being named “Tim Hortons Field,” it got my creative juices flowing. I first wrote an article entitled “What’s In A Name?” for The Commons Blog and then the story got reprinted in the August 2013 Issue of Urbanicity.

In the article I talked about what choosing a name says about what we value as a society:

“In the grand scheme of things Corporate Naming of Stadiums isn’t so important. It isn’t a huge justice issue. I don’t want to see parks or schools getting into the world of Corporate Naming but I understand why a giant stadium is seeking out every revenue source it can find. I also understand why companies try to align them selves with buildings and events that the wider community cares about.

For me though, I would be more impressed with an organization like Tim Hortons if they paid for the naming rights and then used it to say something about what they value. Imagine…

  • Lincoln Alexander Stadium – We value progress, racial equality, and our history. We believe that every child that pursues an education can go on to do great things.

  • Bernie Faloney Field – We celebrate our sports heroes. We remember all you did on and off the field. When you moved to our city you didn’t just become a Tiger Cat you became a Hamiltonian.

  • Hamilton Community Stadium – We our proud of our roots and we give this stadium back to the community that has supported us for so long with all those double double purchases.

  • Tiger Field – We know why you’re here, it’s the same for us. Go Tiger-Cats Go!”

Click Here to read the full article.

I was also able to use my friend Jennifer Kellner‘s amazing photo of Ivor Wynne in the article.

Jen and I sell our art/photos/merch together at the Art Crawl Makers’ Market each month, and we got the great idea of taking the article and photo even farther by creating an Ivor Wynne T-Shirt together. That shirt is today’s T-Shirt of the Week.

We will be selling our Ivor Wynne shirts (and other art) at the James Street Super Crawl on Fri Sep 13th and Sat Sep 14th, at our tent just outside Christ’s Church Cathedral in the Makers’ Market. We have lots of different sizes and they come in both Gold and Grey shirts.

Normally I don’t talk so much about my art on this blog, so to give a little 2x the Mono tie in take a listen to our song “Industrial C.” The songs is about my neighbourhood that is a both a stone’s through from the stadium and the factories. If you like the tune you can download the full “Community VS Technology EP” for free on bandcamp.

Incidentally I should also mention that many of 2x the Mono’s promo photos were taken by Jennifer Kellner.

IMG_5853 2x the Mono Photo by Jennifer Kellner - w3000IMG_5876 2x the Mono photo by Jennifer Kellner - w3000IMG_5901  2x the Mono photo by Jennifer Kellner - w3000IMG_5972 2x the Mono photo by Jennifer Kellner - w3000