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T-Shirt of the Week: “So… He’s My Father Too?!”

My brother Regan and I are huge Star Wars fans! Adrian, apparently isn’t as nerdy as us. This week’s shirt was a present from my brother, and the Wampa hat was purchased on a family vacation to Disney Studios.

Star Wars is such huge memory from my childhood that I wrote a song about it called Science Fantasy. All the verses are about the movies and all the choruses are about how the Star Wars phenomenon intersected with my family.

You can get a FREE Download of “Science Fantasy” along with all the out Art Rock & Science Fiction songs HERE.

Science Fantasy (Lyrics by Randell Neudorf)

Epic tales from a future past
Grand adventures with lightning swords

Its science fantasy
Princess power with good old blasters
Redeemed scoundrels join the battle
Its science fantasy

Action figures brought the fun home
Bought my first one before I saw the show
I must have got the wrong one cause my dad brought me back
I’ll never forget what he did next
He bought one more and said “You need the hero”

Fallen dark lord, an evil master
Technologic terror tactics
Its science fantasy
One line wonders from bounty hunters
Backgrounds implied so don’t deny
There’s a history

I heard the theme song at my grandma’s house
My uncle was playing it from a record on the shelf
He asked me would I like to see the show
He took my brother and I with grandma in tow
It was a double feature, that’s how I saw the first two

Puppet master, a hairy giant
Tin can humor, a golden tongue
Such cute robots
Cool space ships, like flying Lego
All in real space, all in real time
I believed it all

My brother got scared of the hairy side kick
But oh did he love that little green man
We loved those movies way past prime
And bought all the toys from discount bins
Just two poor boys with no chagrin