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T-Shirt of the Week: Gasoline Gathers Hands Gathers Friends

011 - 2x the Mono - T-Shirt of the Week - Gasoline Gathers Hands Gathers FriendsMusicians love a good deal, and no deal is better then a good trade.

Us “poor starving artists” often have more merch stashed under our beds then cash in our pockets. If we get the feeling that we can do a swap with a band we like, we are more then willing to make a trade.

That is how I acquired this Gasoline Gathers Hands Gathers Friends (gghgf) shirt. My friend Scott Johnson¬† is part of gghgf and also plays under the name Thoughts on Air. Scott and I have played a couple shows together and we have worked on the New Harbours Experimental Concert Serries together. At one show Scott asked, “Would you be maybe be interested in trading a 2x the Mono shirt and CD for a Gasoline shirt and record? I jumped on the chance and said “Absolutely!”

Not only was I excited to get a cool shirt and some new music on vinyl, but I was also very honoured to have Scott walking around Hamilton in a 2x the Mono shirt. Scott is a very important experimental musician (locally and internationally), so it is a huge complement when someone like him is sporting your Band’s Shirt.