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We Need Your Advice on the Hamilton Music Awards

DSC02839Over the years, 2x the Mono has been nominated for a number of Hamilton Music Awards.

  • Sounds Sketches was nominated back in 2008 for best Electronic Recording.
  • Art Rock & Science Fiction was nominated for best Alternative/Indie Rock Recording in 2011.
  • Randell Neudorf was nominated for best special instrumentalist in 2011 as well for his Omnichord and Ukulele parts on AR&SF.

This year we are looking to submit our Community VS Technology EP for consideration. We would love to get your input on which categories you think we fit into. It is great to get recognized with a nomination but it would also be nice to have a chance to win.

Here is what you can do to help us be smart:

  • Step 1: Download Community VS Technology for FREE to give it a listen.
  • Step 2: Take a look at the Hamilton Music Award categories on the HMA Website.
  • step 3: Leave a comment letting us know where you think our music fits in the award categories. We are thinking about submitting our project for either “Best Alternative/Indie Rock Recording” or “Best Electronic Recording.” I also think that there are some great performances on this album. Let us know what stood out to you (drums, synth, vocals, etc…). There are catagories for “Best Drummer,” “Best Bassist,” etc…

Thanks for your advice.